The Exhibition Police Station has opened for business today Day 1 of 2017 Ekka is open for business. We have only just moved in so we are still getting to know the neighbours but the view from the veranda is outstanding.

Over the next 10 days the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds will be visited by over 400,000 people. The Queensland Police Service Exhibition Police Station is located right in the middle for the Brisbane Ekka site at the intersection of King and Gregory Tce. Bowen Hills.
So when you are attending the Ekka please drop by and say hello. I will updated each day as we get to know all our neighbours that make up the Ekka family let you know what has been happening in our neighbourhood.

We look forward to meeting, helping and having some fun at 2017 Ekka. We are here to look after everyone (even little kittens Good Work Constable Leah Keating) whilst you are at the Ekka. We are here all week. Try the Beef. Catch you tomorrow.

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