Neighbourhood Watch Week is here! Monday 2 – Sunday 8 October 2017

Neighbourhood Watch Week runs from 2–8 October 2017! 

It sees local NHW groups host a range of activities such as:

  • stalls at local supermarkets
  • fairs
  • markets
  • council events
  • morning and afternoon teas and
  • open information sessions.

Whilst the Queensland Police does not directly organise these activities, it certainly supports them and works in partnership with community to make them successful.

As you know, NHW helps bring local communities and police together to address local issues and help create community solutions.  By getting involved in the week’s events and activities, you can help make your NHW work for you!

The Queensland Police has supported NHW since its introduction in the ’80’s as a community based program designed to reduce localised crime and reduce the fear of crime.

The program has a range of additional benefits to the police when it is run effectively in local communities:

  • Participation in NHW helps people feel more connected within their community, and helps people improve their personal safety, business and home security
  • Importantly for police, when NHW is running effectively in a local community, the police are more likely to receive reports of criminal or suspicious activity AND the quality of this intelligence gathering improves.

Neighbourhood Watch Week is designed to boost NHW membership and encourage positive engagement between police and community.  Community members interested in joining NHW should be directed to the NHWA website

Anyone that is interested in receiving local crime information, warnings and crime prevention tips, can:



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Neighbourhood Watch Queensland is a proud member of Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.

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